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What My Clients Say

Testimonials: Testimonials

“Sam is truly magical. I was having some stress during these times and I wanted to treat myself to something healing. Boy did I not know what I was getting into!  What I thought was going to be a typical yoga and reiki session, turned out to be such a magical experience. I finally got to relax and slept better than I have in a very long time. Sam worked with me and my physical and mental limitations and truly gave me a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her not only for her technical knowledge of yoga and reiki but also because of her extraordinarily warm and caring heart and soul that makes her so special.”

Lauren P.

I've primarily done yoga with Sam. She is compassionate, talented, and professional and has been a great resource for healing.

Brett N.

Sam's yoga classes are deeply relaxing and restorative. You can tell she cares about every students and designs each class with a lot of care, passion, and love. If you're looking for a slow, stretchy, and relaxing class, then Sam is the teacher for you!

Sara M.

I’ve taken several of Sams classes now, and one thing that can be said is regardless of the difficulty of the pose Sam’s calming presence and clear instruction permeate throughout the room. She has challenged me physically with power yoga classes and revitalized me mentally with her restorative classes. She is an amazing instructor and I’d recommend her to anyone from yoga beginners and up.

Kimberly K

Before I go in on how super knowledgeable Sam is in her teaching – she is - SUPER FABULOUS! As a human being Sam so genuine. For real, for real. For those who know, know. I’ve taken Sam’s classes (in the studio, outside yoga and online) and also had private Yin & Restorative sessions. She is warm, professional and speaks to all students. She knows her practice and knows how to teach. She takes her time and analyses your physical and offer any modifications. Making sure there is no pain or discomfort while in the pose. ZOOM in with her! You’ll be glad you did. Namaste

JoAnne F

Sam brings so much radiant, powerful energy to sessions. Her authentic heart provides a safe and loving space for healing.

Kendra B.

I've always liked yoga, but Sam's class was the first class I ever fully committed to. I showed up every week, same day, same time, to heal my mind, body and soul with Sam. When I leave her restorative yoga classes, I feel completely at peace. I feel lighter, I sleep better, and I don't worry about the next day. Sam is a healer and she has also become a friend during a very hard time for me. Thank you Bloom with Sam for all the love, healing, and growth.

Anneliese B.

I first experienced Sam’s compassion, warmth, kinda heart and dedication in her restorative yoga class. It quickly became the one hour I looked forward too every single week. She creates an environment that feels safe and warm to allow you to gain everything you desire from her classes. I would highly recommend Sam for reiki, meditation, tarot readings, and yoga. A professional woman who puts her all into her work and truly cares for her clients happiness, well being, and health

Meg M.

Sam is truly a holistic healer, in every sense. An intuitive magical maven she finesses her craft and will having you feeling light and refreshed. I’ve been fortunate enough to have Reiki, tarot readings, restorative and numerous yoga classes with her. She makes you feel safe from the moment you enter her space, a true gem inside and out. A gift, a true magical maven.

Gabby C

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