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Samantha began practicing yoga in January of 2016 and by March 2016 committed to enrollment in a 200 Hour Teacher Training at Pure Yoga in Manhattan. Learning from Kay Kay Clivio and Adam Vitolo, her roots are strong in Forrest and Iyengar styles, with attention to posture, personalized cues, focus on bringing balance and healing to the body, and connection to self. Following her heart's calling, by mid-2017 she had also received additional training in Yin and Restorative Yoga practices to compliment her passion for providing a grounded practice. 

Through teaching and working with students privately, Samantha began to understand that aches, pains, illness, and dis-ease in the physical body have profound connections to the mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies. After connections with various healers, teachers, and practitioners of all levels and specialties and rigorous research and self-study, she was called to study and be attuned in Reiki energy work. Sam works with Reiki in workshops, private sessions, at a distance, and infuses Divine energy into candles. 

Yoga sessions with Samantha are personalized to include whatever the client’s needs are in the moment. Incorporating strength, stillness, mindfulness, and restorative yoga philosophies with Reiki and intuitive guidance, clients can expect to feel rejuvenated and at ease post-session. 

Sam also is a Tarot and Oracle card reader, holds New and Full moon circles, guided meditations, and is available for workshops. 

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